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Bad Reviews 09/04/2013
ordered at 6pm. at 7:15, they claimed they never got the order. eat24 gets them on the phone; they resend the order. 8:15 the wrong order arrives. 8:30 birds manager calls to blame eat24 and explain how they aren't going to do anything more than a 20% discount on the food - even though they've screwed up 2x according to eat24. No apology. Just excuses. After call, manager never sends the food at all because it's not her problem, even though she claims the food is about to go out the door. Awesome place. Really sticks by their customers. Jennifer, ordered 96 times
Bad Reviews 05/24/2013
After several tries, we will no longer be ordering from them. Delivery ALWAYS takes more than an hour—which has inevitably resulted in cold food that is already overpriced ($4 for a small baked potato?). Derek, ordered 206 times
Bad Reviews 01/28/2013
I paid for a 1/2 chicken for dinner for pickup (they don't deliver to my area). They gave me a 1/4 chicken instead. Didn't realize till I got home, and it looked right in the bag as I thought there was more chicken under the lavash bread. There wasn't. This is the second time I've ordered pickup here and both times they got something wrong. The first time it was the wrong side dish. This time, it was half the food I paid for. Eat 24 was kind enough to refund the money to my account, but it's too bad something so simple can't be managed by the restaurant. They weren't that busy. It's just clear lack of attention. Adam, ordered 16 times
Bad Reviews 01/21/2013
Wow...just wow. Let's start with, the mac and cheese takes like it was right out of a kraft box, or better elbows cooked and just throw in with velveeta cheese - not good. the baked beans tasted like they took bushes (which are actually good) and added tons of ketchup and mustard and turned them BAD! the bbq ribs tasted like they were just straight frozen. super chewy, you couldn't pull anything off the bone, just plain terrible. the chicken wasn't bad but way overpriced for what it was. could have just bought a rotisserie chicken from ralphs, gotten more, had it taste better, for half the price. will most certainly NEVER order from this place again. nick, ordered 1 times
Great Reviews 05/31/2012
Took about 45min for delivery. Fried pickles were delicious. Burger was above average. Im sure both wouldve tasted even better dining in. A bit pricey, but good food. Michael, ordered 57 times
Great Reviews 03/31/2012
A little pricey for what the food is. Got two half chickens that were pretty good but a little dry. The mac and cheese... I have no idea why this is popular. The fried pickles are amazingly delicious. So are the dipping sauces. Delivery was reasonably fast (although I do live less than 0.5 miles from here). Greg, ordered 62 times
Great Reviews 01/21/2012
Love ordering from here! I live about a mile away, the food never takes long to arrive, and it is always tasty and the chicken is always juicy, never dry! Colleen, ordered 4 times
Ok Reviews 09/19/2011
good food, but took about 1 hour and 30 mins for delivery when they close to me Cody, ordered 185 times
Great Reviews 07/17/2011
Thank you Amy! made everything RIGHT.... Cornelio, ordered 193 times
Great Reviews 06/09/2011
One of my favorites. Love those ribs and chicken! Naeemah, ordered 172 times
Great Reviews 03/29/2011
As always, Bird's never fails to satisfy. My order was Ah-Maz-ing. Samantha, ordered 25 times
Great Reviews 11/12/2010
So fast & so yummy! Double thumbs up! Allison, ordered 8 times
Great Reviews 11/12/2010
So fast & so yummy! Double thumbs up! Allison, ordered 8 times
Great Reviews 10/24/2010
Love birds! yummy chicken pot pie! Mary, ordered 16 times
Bad Reviews 10/13/2010
Food was ok but delivery was a disaster. There were issues of the bill which took 30mins to resolve and the food was cold. simon, ordered 239 times
Ok Reviews 09/26/2010
Food is pretty decent...mac and cheese, chili, and cornbread are great. HOWEVER, they are EXTREMELY SLOW. We live less than a mile away and generally have to wait 90 minutes for our food. Joe, ordered 118 times
Great Reviews 09/16/2010
Really good American fare. All tasted good and plenty for leftovers. Service very fast. Would eat there again. simon, ordered 239 times
Bad Reviews 09/15/2010
I ordered today in the morning and got a call from them telling me that their driver called in sick and i wont be able to get my order. Now that just seriously blows and a half. I'm sure they got somebody else you can drop it off. Jose, ordered 96 times
Great Reviews 07/28/2010
GREAT Chicken! try the corn bread too Mary, ordered 16 times
Great Reviews 04/25/2010
Delivery drivers are always fast and super friendly. Chicken tortilla soup is great! Shane, ordered 78 times
Ok Reviews 02/17/2010
Good chicken, Good onion rings. Lame mac and cheese, ok mashed potato. glen, ordered 2 times
Bad Reviews 07/12/2009
our order was over an hour late and after calling and being very nice about the situation the manager told me --very rudely-- that don't do anything about late deliveries and most people that order from them don't get upset about it. The food is not nearly good enough to wait more then a half our when you live less then two miles away. Amy, ordered 4 times
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